The Interview

Tips on preparing for your job interview

We all have our own paths to follow on our road towards elation and whether it would be your first or your nth time, “the interview” will always, undoubtedly, be a learning curve you will later on come to accept as part of your journey. Here are a few tips on dressing up as well as preparing yourself for your job interview itself.

I have narrowed it down to my top 5 key points that would not only keep you looking sharp but as you read along you will notice that these things can have a significant effect on your psyche as well. With the right mind and the right attitude you’ll be on your way in no time.

  1. Shoes

Your shoes says it all! Wearing the right pair of shoes is almost as important as the job interview itself. I’d say dress shoes are a must but that isn’t always the case. Make sure your dress shoes are well maintained, clean, and properly shined and yes, i said well maintained so if you plan to wear those worn out dusty pair you’ve had since long ago that would just ruin the whole outfit and you are better off wearing a pair of black tennis shoes. Just make sure you brush them off a day or two before and keep the soles extra white to make them look fresh.

  1. Well pressed clothes

For some of us this may already be a given although i would very well suggest that you, yes you, yourself iron your outfit the night before, that is if you are confident enough that you would not burn holes through your outfit, otherwise leave the ironing to the house help and make sure you at least inspect it before safe keeping it inside your closet.

  1. Watch

Now you have to remember that you are going to an interview and you are going to need to know the time and yes i know you probably think that that is what your smartphone is there for but no, you need a watch. There is always that visual effect on a person wearing a time piece. It gives the impression of precision. That you are well aware of schedule and that you have given this day much thought. With that being said, i would suggest to keep away from sports watches if you are wearing a suit and tie or something of the like. if you want to go for that look, invest in a simple yet classy watch to go with that formal style.

  1. Pen

You must think this is not part of your outfit but it might as well be. You’ll be surprised how complete you would feel about your whole outfit when you have a pen in one of your pockets. Now the reason why i had to put this on the list is to remind us to bring our own pen. I know i know it’s not our fault, i personally blame my lack of discipline on that area to my seat mate back when i was in high school (she always seemed to have a pen whenever i needed one.) nonetheless for whatever reason you may have, always remember to keep a pen handy.

  1. Hair

On to the last one, if you have ever been in an interview before, you probably know that the very moment you sit in that chair and the interview starts most likely your interviewer will be looking at you from the neck and up. Which means your hair is almost always the highlight of their day. A trip to the barbers two days before the interview date would really make a difference. Please do not decide to make major changes on your hairstyle the day before your interview. Although I admire your enthusiasm on taking on things in a new perspective which would probably attribute to you making the decision on changing your hair-do but this might turn out to be too big a risk and may come out disastrous thus leaving you the day after with low self esteem and little confidence on your new look thus affecting the manner of which you are speaking and the domino effect goes on.

a few more things that might come in handy:

Always remember that you are what you wear. Dressing up usually boost your confidence and subconsciously affect the way you speak. Never assume that just because the position you are applying for do not require you to wear formal attire on the job means you do not have to dress up for the interview. On my first interview a good friend of mine gave me a piece of advice i would never forget. He said, “everyone in that room will want that position you are applying for. Do everything you can to make the company choose you and not them.”. This is the reason why i suggest you prepare everything yourself. This gives you ample time to run through what you should do and gather your train of thought and this involves preparation from the night before. So dress up, speak up, and have a good time.