RED ANT: Bespoke Jeans


The term bespoke gets thrown out a lot, but what does it really mean? The dictionary defines it as ‘custom-made,’ but beyond that, it is appreciating and practicing the craft of making an article of clothing meant for a specific person. It represents individuality and originality. It’s one of a kind. It’s you.

We believe every man should own one pair of well-fitting jeans. Off the rack is great, but we elevate the experience with our line of bespoke jeans: Red Ant.


What’s in a name?


While making our prototypes, there were a lot of red ants all over the fabric. Also, the initial fabric we used was red selvedge denim, which looks like there are tiny ants embedded inside. Everything came together and it just made sense, hence Red Ant.

Our commitment to making bespoke jeans is partially because we want to know the average size of our customers. So when they ask us to make one for them, they give us their measurements. And in exchange of that data, we create them a pair. Whenever a customer makes an order, we keep their patterns and set of measurements on file for reorders.

In the raw


We use raw denim, because it’s a blank canvas for you to tell your story. It’s untreated to allow the wearer to break it in with marks and creases made by his everyday pursuits. From a man who sits a lot to someone who stores his wallet in his back pocket, every pair will fade differently and be unique to his wearer. As you hustle through your days and nights, your Red Ant jeans will change with you and develop its own character.


Patch up



Another feature we offer is the leather name patch we put on the watch pocket that allows a maximum of 10 characters including space. Leather is used for the mere fact that it ages well just like raw denim. This name patch serves as a stamp of authenticity and identity.



Dictate the details

For further personalization, the rivet color, button style, and stitch color are all customizable. Choose from black, stainless steel, copper, or brass for the rivet; brass with a flat top or a depressed center for the button; and whatever color is ideal for you for the stitch. The bestseller for the inside stitch is red, while the most popular for the outside stitch is light brown for a more worn look. If you’re leaning more towards a traditional aesthetic, orange is the most used for the outside stitch.

Owning a pair of Red Ant is a form of expression and a reflection of how aging and changing can be the best-looking things in the world.

Wear your story. Drop by our store to get one.